Acquired from La Mercantile Srl the 85% of the share capital of New Gas Trade Srl

  • New Gas Trade operates across the board in the natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) market, as part of an integrated strategy on energy commodities
  • Amount due of the transaction equal to Euro 150 thousand
  • The only other shareholder is Intermonte SIM Holding, a company regulated MiFID
  • Thanks to the integration with the sales network of Free Energia, active in the energy management field, the Group will achieve more than 25 thousand customers with a dual fuel offer

TerniEnergia, smart energy company active in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste and energy management, listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange and part of Italeaf Group, has signed an agreement with La Mercantile Srl La Spezia for the acquisition of the 85% of the share capital of New Gas Trade Srl (NGT), Italian player of the natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) market, as part of an integrated strategy on energy commodities. The sales price of the shares has been agreed between the parties to Euro 150 thousand and the payment by TerniEnergia is paid in cash.

The only other shareholder of NGT is Intermonte SIM Holding, a company regulated MiFID. As part of the company, Intermonte Holding SIM offers consulting and operational activities relating to financial instruments linked to the management and trading of gas & power sector, for third parties and on their own.

Through the acquisition of NGT, TerniEnergia enters in the market of natural gas and liquefied natural gas, following the target of promoting the external growth of the Groupo through acquisitions, as presented  to the market last February 9, in the Industrial Plan “Fast on the road smart energy.

Mr Stefano Neri, Chairman and CEo of TerniEnergia, stated:

Through the acquisition of 85% of NGT, TerniEnergia wants to seize the goal of completing the offer for energy management, ensured by Free Energia, through the market access of dual fuel offer for industrial customers. This transaction enables an effective business tool for the customer loyalty (mostly cross-selling gas on the basis of customer energy) and will represent, at the same time, a development tool for new customers. In particular, TerniEnergia intends to leverage the ability to reach a customer base of over 25 thousand industrial player, including direct and indirect customers, increasing the supply of energy products and guaranteeing a real saving on the “cost component”, also thanks to the energy efficiency offer by the Group. Through the partnership with Intermonte Holding SIM, within the corporate structure, we are confident to amplify the services with high added value in the supply system. In particular, we are going to integrate the opportunities offered by our shareholder partner in the desk management dedicated to financial instruments related to the gas & power sector, corresponding with the purchase characteristics of the main segments served”.

New Gas Trade Srl operates as a wholesaler in the natural gas sector, the fossil fuel with the highest growth prospects. NGT is aimed to provide the access to the best market conditions, with a wide-ranging and taylor made approach, creating a high added value for its customers. The company offers a range of services and activities in order to develop client’s business and achieve a competitive advantage providing the best market conditions and creating a high added value. NGT has specific skills and proven track record in the energy sector, focused on the natural gas and liquefied natural gas (LNG) market.

New Gas Trade is “shipper” of Snam Rete Gas and has access to the Italian PSV (Punto di Scambio Virtuale) and has a range of different activities: import, purchase & sales, exchange and “trading” of natural gas and LNG. Our goal is to provide to the Clients the best market conditions and create a high added value. Moreover, NGT offers an integrated consultancy in order to develop Client’s business and achieve a competitive advantage. In particular, NGT assistance companies to implement LNG regasification plants and import of LNG cargoes, helping Clients with contractual support, logistics activities, and the direct access to the Italian infrastructures.

Natural gas is the most high-grown fossil fuel. Nowadays, natural gas ranks third in worldwide consumption; since the Seventies up to the date, gas consumption has tripled. Out of the all the gas consumption, 20% is utilized by industrial segment, less than 40% is required by electric power generation plants, and more than 40% is supplied to residential customers (civil use). In the Italian natural gas market the competition is getting higher and main different players are developing their business at a national and international level.


TerniEnergia, a company incorporated in September of 2005 and part of Italeaf Group, is the first Italian smart energy company and operates in renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy and waste management. TerniEnergia operates as system integrator, with a turn-key offer of industrial sized photovoltaic plants, on behalf of third parties and on its own, for the Power Generation business, also through joint venture companies with leading national players. TerniEnergia operates in the waste management sector, recovery of the material and energy, development and production of technologies. In particular, the Company is active in the recovery of tires out of use, in the treatment of biodegradable waste through the implementation of biodigesters, management of plant for the biological depuration; decommissioning of industrial plants, recovery of demolition metals and cleaning of industrial sites; development and production of technological apparatus. Through Free Energia, the Group is active in the energy management, energy sales to energy intensive customers, software and services for energy management, administrative, financial and credit management. TerniEnergia, through Lucos Alternative Energies, operates in the development of energy efficient plants both through EPC scheme and FTT scheme (Financing Through Third Parties), pursuing the objectives of increasing energy production from renewable sources, of energy saving and reduction of emissions as set forth by environmental European policy. TerniEnergia is listed on STAR segment of Borsa Italiana S.p.A..

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