algoWatt, a GreenTech Company listed on the Euronext Milan market of the Italian Stock Exchange, and Gruppo NSA, which is specialised in credit intermediation, insurance consultancy services and subsidised finance for SMEs, have signed a partnership agreement with the aim of promoting the ability of small, medium and large enterprises to constantly improve the energy efficiency and sustainability of their production and business processes.

In particular, it will be possible for companies to develop systematic assessments and studies related to sustainability and energy efficiency. Thanks to the support of algoWatt and NSA, companies will be able to move more and more towards “Green Sustainability” through the achievement of the “Zerocarbontarget” (certification of the reduction/compensation of CO2 emissions) and other initiatives, which will enable them to achieve ESG criteria in their investments.

“For algoWatt this is an agreement of significant strategic relevance, because it will allow us to give a strong boost to the commercial proposition of tools aimed at the enterprise market that we have developed in recent years to increase energy and social-environmental performance. As a GreenTech solutions company, we are strongly committed to bringing companies tools for creating value in terms of energy efficiency, reducing consumption and bills, increasing environmental performance and sustainability, helping to improve the performance of company activities and freeing up resources for the business,” said Marco Genta, Sales Manager Green Enterprise & City at algoWatt.

“Around 35,000 of the NSA Group’s small, medium and mid-cap business customers will be able to benefit from this new agreement between the Group and algoWatt. The agreement is both functional and instrumental. Functional in order to optimise energy efficiency and limit the particularly high and, above all, rapidly rising cost of energy at this time. It is also instrumental because the new EU sustainability regulations will also have an impact next year on the criteria for assessing contracts awarded to companies. In the light of the news published, it would appear that a sustainability rating may be required for companies precisely to stimulate the transition, considering, among other criteria, more reliable companies that are more sustainable. The partnership between NSA and algoWatt is totally consistent with these pressing needs of companies,” concludes Giovanni Salemi, Commercial Director of the NSA Group.