• Certification allows Skyrobotic to get out of the early-stage phase and open up to industrial partnerships and alliances.
  • New opportunity for the company to enter in the institutional security market
  • ENAC (Italian National Civil Aviation Authority) has awarded the Italian manufacturer the project certification according to art. 10.6 of the SAPR Regulation.
  • Acknowledged the safety and reliability standards of aircraft systems entirely “Made in Italy”, already certified EN9100 and ENAC 10.5
  • From now the operators in the professional, commercial and security sectors will be able to use drones on urban areas for specialised operations
  • Decisive investments in research and development carried out at the Nera Montoro (TR) plant


Skyrobotic, a company leader in the production of drones under 25 kilograms entirely Made in Italy, part of the Italeaf Group, announces that the company has obtained “project certification pursuant to art. 10.6 of the SAPR regulation” from the Italian National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) for the SR-SF6c system. The certification requires a primary control and control system whose software complies with the aeronautical standards specified in the EUROCAE ED-12 specification at least at design reliability level D.

“With the certification 10.6 – explains Stefano Neri, Chairman of Skyrobotic and Italeaf Group – the company leaves the early stage phase, after having passed the start-up phase, and becomes a national reference point for the opening of partnerships and industrial alliances aimed at creating an Italian chain of the high end drones sector. Skyrobotic, in fact, has decided to operate in a nascent market that is highly professionalized and requires the highest standards and requirements of reliability and safety. With this recognition we qualify our company as the reference production operator for the “safety” (environmental and worker safety, industrial inspections, inspections and surveys of industrial and energy production plants) and “security” sectors (citizens’ safety, urban and extra-urban security for specialized companies and law enforcement or prevention forces).

Skyrobotic drones had already received from the Civil Aviation Authority project certification for series production pursuant to art. 10.5 of the SAPR regulation, which allowed operators to use drones, subject to authorisation by the competent Authority, in urban scenarios with safety restrictions.

“This type of certification will allow the APRs (drons) Skyrobotic to fly over urban areas in VLOS (Visual line of sight) conditions – says the Vice President, Giancarlo Grasso -. This is the maximum safety recognition provided by national regulations for professional drones, which will allow operators who choose our systems to be able to fly over urban areas or congested areas in complete safety and in full compliance with industry regulations. Thanks to the investments in research and development carried out at the Nera Montoro (TR) plant, we make a real leap in quality, opening up to Italian operators, both public and private, the possibility of using drones weighing less than 25 kg produced in series also for operations involving overflying of inhabited centres, communication and logistic infrastructures, industrial settlements, areas used for events and exhibitions. Therefore, new scenarios are opened up for aerial work with remote pilotage systems, reducing bureaucracy for operators, increasing safety conditions and guarantees for those in the area interested by overflight operations, implementing new turnkey solutions”.

With the achievement of certification, Skyrobotic crowns a successful path in the pursuit of the most important sector qualifications: from the certification of aeronautical standard EN-9100 for the Nera Montoro (TR) plant, to the possibility of issuing project conformity certificates according to the art. 10.5 of the Civil Aviation Authority regulation, up to this last recognition, which marks a turning point for the entire Italian professional drones sector.

With its own bouquet of qualifications, Skyrobotic takes the lead in the national producers’ sector, anticipates regulatory developments at European level and represents the ideal answer for leading operators in the professional, commercial, physical security and cybersecurity sectors at international level.

Finally, the certification pursuant to art. 10.6 of the SAPR regulation is an indispensable condition for participation in tenders and tenders promoted by the main public apparatus for order and safety.


————————————–THE APR CERTIFIED————————————–

The SR-SF6c drone is a multi-role system that offers state-of-the-art performance for multiple applications. It is a multirotor entirely “Made in Italy” (hexacoptera – six propellers and engines) with a take-off mass (including payload) of about 5.5 kg. The apparatus is able to ensure a considerable duration of flight (approximately 40′ flight time) and is capable of operating in a temperature range between -15° and +50°C. Skyrobotic has developed proprietary technologies and maintains the complete engineering design domain in aeronautical, avionics, hardware and software parts.


————————————–WHO’S WHO—————————————

Skyrobotic S.p.A. is the Italian leading company in the field of UAV (drones) production. Established in December 2013, it is part of Italeaf group, working on the development, manufacturing and marketing og civil and commercial drones, mini and micro classes for the professional market. With a constant focus on innovation, the company aims to achieve leadership in the professional sector of unmanned aircraft, taking care of the whole industrial chain: from design to the system integration, till the production of reliable and effective platforms.