• Placement value of 2.5 euro per share
  • Stefano Neri (Chairman): “Our Group will operate worldwide to promote Made in Italy technology and innovation”
  • The company admitted to the “Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks”
  • The Vice President of NASDAQ OMX Nordic, Adam Kostyàl, announced agreements with Italian banks for the implementation of online  trading platforms

Italeaf, holding company and first Italian company builder active in cleantech and smart innovation sectors, presented to investors and press the planned flotation of shares on the MTF NASDAQ OMX First North in Stockholm Stock Exchange, after a private placement operation. There is an ongoing capital increase reserved for a maximum of 800,000 shares for a total of 2 million Euros, which will bring the total share capital to 17 million.

“Italeaf, by the summer, will be of the first Italian company listed on the Swedish market – said the Chairman, Mr Stefano Neri – Our choice is made for a number of reasons: first of all, for the sensitivity of Nordic investors for clean technologies, innovation and social responsibility. And then for the steady growth of interest in Nasdaq OMX, a market that is catalyzing attention for the rapid growth in Europe, but not yet fully appreciated in Italy. Finally, to avoid overlap between Italeaf and TerniEnergia, which already operates in the Star segment of Borsa Italiana, owned by LSE. The shareholders’ meeting decided on the placement price, that will be 2.5 euro per share. Ourhe goal is to continue to create value, broad the shareholder base and increase the brand awareness. Italeaf wants to to represent an attractive factor for new businesses and startups in the areas of high innovation, technology and reducement of environmental impact”.

The intention of the Group – which own majority stakes in TerniEnergia and also in the startups Greenled Industry (production of LED lamps for power), Skyrobotic (mini and micro drones in class for use in civil and commercial) and Wisave (internet of things for energy efficiency and thermal) – is to propose a new business model that sinks its roots in the technological skills of Made in Italy, hooking the megatrends of cleantech and the convergence between digital and manufacturing.

“We announce the admission of our laboratories within the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks – Mr Neri said – and, after the opening of subsidiaries in Asia-Pacific and London, the project to land in the United States with a hi-tech center in the New York area. The corporate structure therefore has a global vision. A holding company with its head in Italy and standing in the world”.

The innovative business model for venture investors to in startups in Italy, is one of the company builder. This is a new asset class in the venture sector that aims to use entrepreneurial skills and in-house resources to help to generate ideas and build companies with scalable business, through a process of co-founding of newcos with a high rate of growth.

“I think there will be a good appreciation for this initiative – Adam Kostyál, Senior Vice President of NASDAQ OMX Stockholm, said – There is appeal of the Nordic markets for green investments and in Sweden there is the presence of other industrial and financial companies in the field of Italeaf. The Swedish stock exchange is a capital market among the most interesting, growing, and with an increasing number of listed companies. Nasdaq want to open a new trading market in Italy and, at the beginning of 2015, it will be possible manage online trading, through technological platforms of Italian banks”.

The listing will allow Italeaf to increase visibility at the international level, and get a full appreciation of the economic value of the company and to support the company’s expansion in countries and areas sensitive to technological innovation, not yet mature, and where there is scope for growth in the short term. In particular, Italeaf aims to invest in innovative startups in sectors with high growth prospects and international vocation. Admission to the MTF NASDAQ OMX First North in Stockholm Stock Exchange will allow Italeaf to facilitate the exit strategy for the subsidiaries, in order to generate value for our shareholders and reinvest in new projects.

The presentation of the objectives and the business model of Italeaf was attended by the chairman Stefano Neri (Chairman), Monica Federici (CEO), Federico Zacaglioni (development and corporate communication manager) and Philip Calisti (CFO). Mangold Kommission Fond AB, assisting the company as Certified Adviser, also took part to the meeting with investors.