• Sold to ATP Project and Constructions Srl the 78.33% of the shares of the company that owns a purification and reclamation plant authorized to treat 438,000 m3/year of groundwater and 58,000 tons/year of liquid waste
  • ATP Project and Constructions Srl already owned the remaining 21.67% of the Company’s share capital
  • The payment was paid in cash by the purchaser. The sale was carried out as part of algoWatt’s Recovery Plan.


algoWatt, a GreenTech Company listed on the Euronext Milan market of the Italian Stock Exchange, today signed the closing for the sale to ATP Project and Constructions Srl of the shares representing 78.33% of the share capital of Purify Srl, owner of industrial fluid waste treatment plants and groundwater remediation plants located in the Municipality of Narni (TR), included among the divestments of the algoWatt’s Recovery Plan pursuant to art. 67 of Bankruptcy Law. The consideration for the sale of the company, of which ATP Projects and Constructions already owned the remaining 21.67% of the share capital, was agreed at Euro 4.7 million and the payment was made in cash. algoWatt was assisted by Molino Facchinelli Zerbini & Partners S.r.l., an independent advisor specialized in the renewable energy business, which managed the selective bidding procedure, while ATP Project and Constructions was assisted by Grimaldi Studio Legale, as legal advisor, with a team coordinated by the Partner, Annalisa Pescatori.

The Purify’s plants

The plant platform located in the industrial area of Nera Montoro in the municipality of Narni (TR), operates with the authorization of the Umbria Region and integrates two different treatment lines:

  • • Groundwater remediation (TAF). Purify manages the treatment of groundwater, in compliance with the regional requirements of the reclamation project of the Nera Montoro site, in the province of Terni, for a total capacity of 438,000 m3/year. The plant has been revamped, involving the chemical-physical and biological plants, a complex system consisting of 48 wells for the extraction of treated water and a monitoring system consisting of 95 piezometers to control the water table of the Nera Montoro industrial site, for a total treatment capacity of 50m3/h.
  • Liquid industrial waste treatment (TRL). The TRL section became operational in 2020 and is dedicated to the treatment of liquid waste with a capacity of 58,000 t/year that includes two process lines: (a) biological treatment with activated sludge for the removal of nitrites, nitrates and ammoniacal nitrogen; and (b) chemical-physical treatment by flotation and or evaporation, with two three-stage vacuum evaporators (2,500 litres/hour each) for the purification of water with the highest concentration of pollutants.