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Rubber Granulated and Powder

Rubber granulate made from virgin or recycled tires. The So-called Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) may be destined to several uses.

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For the production of rubber granulate and rubber powder TerniEnergia uses an innovative technology of mechanical grinding (alternative to the traditional processes of mechanical crushing), which, taking place at room temperature, facilitates the machining.

The granules (Tire Crumb) can be packed in bags or big-bags, or is stored in silos for bulk transport in tankers or containers.

Rubber powder and granules (Tire Crumb) of TerniEnergia have the following remarkable qualities:

  • High purity of the material, content of iron and textile
  • Following the specific production process, the rubber granules and rubber powder and have not undergone any chemical treatment and/or heat which degrade the properties;
  • Good definition of grain size parameters;
  • The unaltered elastomeric properties of the rubber make it suitable as a material for the production of a wide range of products and / or semi-finished products with good sound-insulating properties, anti-vibration and anti-shock.
  • As materials in co-combustion in industrial furnaces and incineration has a high calorific value, low sulfur and chlorine.

Main Characteristics

Rubber granulate can be made from virgin or recycled (tyre) rubber. So-called Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs) may be destine to several different uses, while most granulate is vulcanized. Vulcanization is a chemical treatment to improve the resilience and performance of raw rubber polymers.

The unique quality it adds is that whatever distortion is applied, it will always seek to recover its original shape. Nothing bounces back like a vulcanized rubber. The process also provides more consistent performance in changing temperatures.

Separation Result of Tires Processing Technology:

  • Steel: 15/20%
  • Rubber Granules: 15% 4-6mm; 15% 2-4,mm; 30% 0-2mm
  • Textile-Rubber Mixture: 15/20%

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