Dedication towards innovation and applied industrial research, sustainability is embedded in our culture and our business strategy. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions to benefit the planet, its people and the economy.

  1. Green Energies

    Key asset on which the group can count on, both economical either technical, TerniEnergia S.p.a. is the first italian global technology enabler, committed to bringing worldwide its integrated and sustainable energy and resource recovery solutions.

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  2. LED Lighting Fixture

    Italeaf Group, through the TerniEnergia’s subsidiary Greenled Industry, is involved in the development, construction, installation and maintenance of professional LED lighting solutions.

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  3. UAVs/Drones

    Through SkyRobotic, we develop, produce and sell new generation Unmanned Aerial Systems (drones UAS), multirotor training, to achieve the highest standards in the areas of “Safety” and “Security”.

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  4. 3D Printing and Design

    Through Numanova, we produce Metal Powders for the Additive Manufacturing to be applied in all the main and most advanced fields of application in the aerospace, energy, automotive, fine mechanics, biomedical, luxury industry.

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  5. Smart Tech & Smart City

    Italeaf also means Softeco, part of TerniEnergia Group, a leading company in the digital sector with over 30 years of history, a provider of innovative solutions that allow the exploitation of the potential offered by Information Technology for business development. Softeco presents itself on the market as a player of international standing, in the most promising sectors of the energy chain, renewable energy, smartgrid, smartcity, ITS, IOT.

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