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Harmonic Steel Wire

Harmonic steel (Clean Steel Wire from Recycled Tires) is a thin material/filaments used as a correction or replacement in smelting process, or to accelerate fusion process.

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TerniEnergia recovers and sells harmonic steel from the recovery of used tires. The high purity of the material, resulting from mechanical treatment is able to contain the rubber contamination below 1%, and  facilitates direct reuse in the foundry.

The harmonic steel of TerniEnergia, thin material and filaments (maximum 10 mm) with a high content of carbon, is used as a correction or replacement in the smelting process, or as acceleration  mean for fusion process.

TerniEnergia is regularly certified according to Reg.UE 333/2011 and is registered in the Provincial Register as a company which recovers waste with simplified procedure.

Approximately 1.2 Kg. of High Tensile Steel per Tire

High-grade steel used in radial tires is widely used in a variety of industries.

Steel recycling plays an important role in the conservation of energy and resources. Re-melting steel requires far less energy than the production of new steel products from raw iron ore.

Graded ASTM-1080 the steel that survives the pyrolysis process comes in a clean, unaltered form.

It is generally in high demand at electric “mini-mills” as the “bird nest”. It is generally placed in the base of the mill forming a cushion against the sharp, heavy crap.

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