SkyRobotic – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Thanks to SkyRobotic,

Italeaf Group manufactures and sales a series of unmanned aircraft systems (SAPR).
SkyRobotic intends to achieve leadership in the occupational field of drones for civilian commercial use, taking care of the whole industrial chain, from design to system integration, right through to production of turnkey platforms robust, practical and effective in the field of remote sensing of proximity.

The development on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV drones) with rotor and fixed wing is one of the most interesting and innovative project Italief is involved in is. Products can be classified as small and micro devices and they are currently ready for mass production.

SkyRobotic Offers

Business structure, know-how, engineering and 10 years of innovation in the field of unmanned aircraft systems always focused at customer service and industry professionals.

  • Software, tools and procedures to support the user in every phase of use of the system, starting from training up to the management and maintenance activities.
  • Features fully-automatic GPS/INS specifications for aerial inspection of proximity and aerial photography with a strong focus on easy-to-use.
  • SkyRobotic software simulation, planning and management of mission combined with the use of composite aeronautical materials that redefine the standards of performance UAS.
  • Modularity of the payloads and “Rugged” (MIL 810G, IP65) specifications “Rugged offer higher capacities and intense use in a wide range of environmental conditions and of application.

At present we can offer a Hexacopter and a Fixed-Wing drones; further information can be found at the dedicated website or required by email at