Pirogasification Plant

TerniEnergia built a pirogasification plant,

The plant is active in the municipality of Borgosesia (VC) and is fueled by biomass (virgin wood). Designed and supplied by Pyrox Italy Srl, partners of Pyrox GmbH, transforms the wood waste into syngas to feeding an high-efficiency motor which, connected to a generator, produces energy with atmospheric emissions well below the limits of law, contributing to the achievement of national objectives that are expected to increase by 17% the production of energy from renewable sources by 2020. In particular, the plant has been authorized under a simplified authorization procedure by the town of Borgosesia and is able to treat 8,000 tons/year of virgin wood, for the recovery of 850 kW of electric power and 1,100 kW heat and an expected power production of 5.4 GWh/year.

The cogeneration plant had a planned total investment of approximately Euro 5 million and entered into operation on 2012, in order to potentially benefit the all-inclusive tariff of 0.28 Euro/kWh, recognized by government policies to encourage energy production from renewable sources.

The plant uses a particularly innovative technology to achieve levels of efficiency and output unprecedented for a plant of this type. We are particularly proud of the contribution that our technology can provide in the direction of the increase in energy production from renewable sources, reducing the environmental impact. To feed this system, in fact, will be used abundant fuel sources such as biomass derived from wood waste, in line with the provisions of the Italian Piano d’Azione Nazionale which provides that, 45% of the energy comes from clean national biomass, 60% of which from solid biomass such as wood. There is a strong tendency in this direction: Notably in Italy the use of woody biomass for production of energy increased by 7% over the past two years.

Pyrogasification plant working process consists in four phases: wood drying, gasification through a pyrolysis process, cooling and purification of gases and, finally, combustion of the syngas in an Otto cycle engine that produces electrical and thermal energy.

The plant located in Borgosesia is proposed as a model of avant-garde technology also with respect to the region and supply chains. With the aim of fostering the plant with “kilometer zero”, maintaining the full value of the supply chains of extraction and collection in the local area, the following strategies have been implemented:

With UNCEM Delegation of Piedmont (the Union of Municipalities and Public mountains) started a cooperation on institutional level aimed to involve local authorities in the organization of the territory of local supply chains in order to facilitate planning of sustainable wood hauling interventions.

With Ipla S.p.A. – The Institute for Wood Plants and the Environment controlled by the Piedmont Region – on 2010 was signed an agreement for the supply of fuel from fast-growing crops coming from the experimental farm of the Institute managed in Prato Sesia. These contributions will provide about 20% of the total requirement of the biomass plant.

Through the Company AEnergo Italia finally, will be strengthen the direct relationships with forest owners and operators of the sector in order to obtain supplies of woody biomass with characteristics of humidity, aging and size appropriate to the needs of the plant.

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