• Revenues equal to Euro 15.7 million, -20.1% (Euro 19.6 million as at 30/09/2017)*
    • EBITDA equal to Euro 1.4 million (Euro 0.04 million as at 30/09/2017)* with Ebitda Margin at 8.72%.
    • EBIT equal to Euro -1.75 million, +54.7% (Euro -3.9 million as at 30/09/2017)*, Result before taxes (EBT) equal to Euro -4.9 million, +31.5% (Euro -7.2 million as at 30/09/2017)*
    • Net result equal to Euro -4 million, +50.4% (Euro -8.1 million as at 30/9/2017)*
    • Net Financial Position of Euro 59.85 million (Euro 89.8 million as at 31/12/2017)
    • Net equity equal to Euro 18.7 million (Euro 21 million as at 31/12/2017)
    • The BoD takes note of the appointment of Massimo Mannori as general manager of Softeco


    The Board of Directors of TerniEnergia, a smart company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange (MTA) and part of the Italeaf Group, approved today the Interim Financial Report as at September 30, 2018.

     (*) The income statement figures for the third quarter of 2017 have been restated in accordance with IFRS 5, taking into account the classification of the results of discontinued operations – in accordance with the Recovery and relaunch plan approved by the Board of Directors on 25 October 2018 – as “held for sale” or discontinued operations, in order to provide consistent information on discontinued operations or those in the process of being disposed.

    It should be noted that the aforementioned Plan provides for the disposal of the photovoltaic and Clean Tech activities currently held by the Group. In particular, the sale of a controlling stakes in the EPC and O&M business units (aimed at the construction and maintenance of photovoltaic plants, with the exclusion of the companies operating in South Africa) and the sale of photovoltaic power generation plants (held directly and indirectly through SPV), the sale of ELT treatment and recovery plants (end-of-life tyres), liquid waste purification plants at Nera Montoro, the biodigester at Nera Montoro, the one under construction at Calimera and the virgin wood pyrogasification plant at Borgosesia, the sale of financial assets relating to energy efficiency.

    Further informations are provided in the Notes.


    Revenues amounted to Euro 15.7 million (Euro 19.6 million as at 30/9/2017; -20.1%). EBITDA reached Euro 1.4 million, a significant improvement compared to September 30, 2017 (Euro 0.04 million), with Ebitda Margin equal to 8.72%. The main contributions to the operating results for the quarter were the business of Softeco Sismat and the O&M activities carried out in South Africa.

    The Net Operating Result (EBIT) is equal to Euro -1.75 million, with a loss in decrease of 54.7% (Euro -3.9 million as at 30 September 2017), after amortisation, depreciation, provisions and write-downs of approximately Euro 3.1 million. Profit before taxes (EBT) also improved of 31.5% to Euro -4.9 million (Euro -7.2 million at 30/9/2017).

    The Net result is equal to Euro -4 million, compared to Euro -8.1 million as at 30 September 2017 (+50.4%).

    The Net Financial Position amounted to Euro 59.85 million (a significant reduction compared to Euro 89.8 million at 31/12/2017) due to the application of IFRS 5, which led to the reclassification of net financial indebtedness for approximately Euro 34 million.

    Shareholders’ Equity is equal to Euro 18.7 million (Euro 21 million at 31/12/2017), and also takes into account treasury shares held in portfolio, which amount to No. 1,012,998 (2.15% of the share capital).


    Assets held for sale

    It should be noted that the engineering, procurement and construction of photovoltaic plants (EPC), the Group’s core business until the decision to start the transition to the new configuration of smart companies, the O&M (maintenance) of photovoltaic plants and the renewable energy power generation, the development and management of environmental plants (Cleantech) and the financial assets relating to energy efficiency projects already carried out were classified as “held for sale disposal” or discontinued operations, in accordance with the international accounting standard IFRS 5 for a total amount of Euro 138.7 million, together with corresponding liabilities of Euro 76.5 million, with a decrease compared to the corresponding figure as at 30 June 2018, equal respectively to Euro 169.3 million and Euro 106.2 million as a result of the sale to Sonnedix San Giorgio of n. 10 photovoltaic plants in Italy with a total installed capacity of 11 MW, prevoius fully owned by the TerniEnergia Group.

    The net result for the period relating to this item was a loss of Euro 40 thousand, due to personnel costs and attributable to the EPC business unit being sold, as provided for in the Recovery and Relaunch Plan. In particular, the EPC business unit remained substantially inactive during the period, with the exclusion of the activities relating to the contract in Tunisia, due to the strategic transformation of the company and pending the conclusion of the disposal processes. The planned disposals are operations aimed at supporting the industrial turnaround project, as provided for in the Recovery and Relaunch Plan approved by the Board of Directors on 25 October 2018.



    Trade union agreement signed for the renewal of social security nets

    On October 1, 2018, TerniEnergia, announced that it had signed at the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Arpal Umbria, the agreement with trade unions and institutions for the continuation of the management of social security, activated during 2017 following the withdrawal of the procedure of collective dismissal. In fact, the company has requested recourse to active labour policies aimed at implementing the Group’s employment recovery plan for a period of one year and for 50 employees, using rotation criteria.


    The BoD approved the 2018-2022 Recovery and relaunch plan and the related financial package

    On 25 October 2018, TerniEnergia approved the main contents of a Recovery and relaunch plan, aimed at restoring the financial and equity balance of the Company in the long term, the reasonableness of which must be certified by a professional pursuant to Article 67, paragraph 3, letter d) r.d. 267/42 for the period 2018-2022. Planned measures for the disposal of assets, the merger by incorporation of Softeco into TerniEnergia by 2019 to complete the process of industrial turnaround, a financial package for debt rescheduling, the continuation of negotiations with the main creditors. The meeting of the bondholders of the “TerniEnergia Euro 25,000,000.00 Notes due 2019” bond loan has been called to approve participation in the recovery and relaunch plan.


    Arbitrary exclusion from Ecopneus tenders for the shredding of ELTs, consequent actions

    On 31 October 2018, TerniEnergia, announced that it had received from Ecopneus news of exclusion from tenders with electronic negotiation for the shredding of ELTs for the period 2019-2021. TerniEnergia will take every initiative in court to protect itself, will take legal action to restore its rights and for any compensation for damages suffered and to be suffered and, even before, will turn to the European Commissioner for Competition and the Authority for Competition and the Market.



    Recovery and relaunch plan

    In the coming months, the Group will be committed to implementing the Recovery and Relaunch Plan, aimed at pursuing, in the medium term, the transformation of the Company into a smart company and the overcoming of the current financial tension of the Group. The Plan is based on:

    • a plan to divest the assets relating to the construction and sale of photovoltaic plants and the management of plants for the production of energy from alternative sources, which until now have been the core business of the group, as well as those relating to the CleanTech Business Unit, with the simultaneous refocusing on the sector of “digital energy”;
    • the merger by incorporation of Softeco Sismat Srl into TerniEnergia, to be completed by the end of 2019 following the outcome of the disposal programme, to facilitate entry into the hi-tech and digital sector;
    • a financial package which, in addition to providing for debt restructuring and rescheduling, is based, alternatively: (a) on a principle of “pari passu” distribution, between financial institutions and bondholders, of the proceeds deriving from the disposal of the above assets without recourse to the hypothesis of cancellation of the credit (“Pari-Passu Maneuver”); or (b) on a different principle of distribution between financial institutions and bondholders of the proceeds deriving from the disposals, with payments in full and in part and waivers of the credit by the banking class, without intervening on the amounts of the credits claimed by bondholders (the “Balance and Withdrawal Maneuver”).

    For details of the Plan, approved by the company’s Board of Directors on 25 October 2018, reference should be made to the press release issued on the same date.

    TerniEnergia is assisted by KPMG Advisory SpA as financial advisor in drawing up the above mentioned Plan.

    The Company will provide timely information on the development of the Recovery and relaunch plan that has been launched.


    Additional Information Required by Consob Pursuant to Article 114 of Legislative Decree No. 58/98 (TUF)

    Please refer to the press release issued on 31 October 2018.


    The main changes in transactions with related parties of this company and its Group compared to the last annual or half-yearly financial report approved pursuant to Article 154-ter of the Consolidated Law on Finance.

    There have been no significant changes in transactions with related parties of the Company and the Group since the last approved half-yearly report.


    Any failure to comply with the covenants, negative pledges or any other clause of the Group’s indebtedness that entails limits to the use of financial resources, with an indication at the updated date of the degree of compliance with said clauses.

    Please note that, as at of December 31, 2017 and as at 30 June 2018, certain covenants of the bond issue had not been met. The financial covenants that were not met are as follows to be calculated on the consolidated financial statements:

    • Interest Coverage Ratio: equal to or greater than 2.5;
    • Net Financial Position Corporate/EBITDA: equal to or less than 3.25;
    • Net Financial Position/EBITDA: equal to or less than 5.

    The bond regulations also provide for other non-financial covenants, specifically the “Cross default of the Issuer”, i.e. the non-payment by the Company of any bond for an amount exceeding Euro 3 million.

    Failure to comply with the abovementioned covenants represents an event of default, with the result that the absolute majority of bondholders may have the right to early repayment of the bond issue, which matures naturally in February 2019.

    It should be noted that the loan taken out with the Banca del Mezzogiorno includes a number of financial covenants that had not been met at the end of the 2107 financial year and as at 30 June 2018. The covenants to be calculated on the consolidated financial statements are set out below:

    • NFP Corporate/Net Equity: less than or equal to 1.1;
    • NFP/BITDA: less than or equal to 6.5.

    Lastly, for some medium term leases and loans, the bank or leasing company has the right to request early termination of the contract, since the Company has not paid any instalments during the last quarter of 2017 and during 2018. It should be noted that none of the banks or leasing institutes has so far activated the right to terminate the contract early and request the early repayment of the loan. These loans and leasing were reclassified to the current NFP as at 31 December 2017 and as at 30 September 2018.


    Other resolutions of the Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors of TerniEnergia has noted the appointment of Massimo Mannori as General Manager of Softeco, a digital company of the Group, 100% controlled by the company. For further information, please refer to the press release issued today by the Company.


    Declaration pursuant to Article 154-bis, paragraph two, of the Consolidated Finance Act

    The Officer responsible for the preparation of the corporate accounting documents, Mr Filippo Calisti, declares, pursuant to paragraph 2, art. 154-bis of the Consolidated Financial Act, that the accounting information that is contained in this press release correspond to the documentary results, the accounting books and records.


    Deposit of documents

    We inform you that the Interim Financial Report as at September 30, 2018 of the TerniEnergia Group, approved by the Board of Directors of TerniEnergia S.p.A. today, will be made available to the public, together with the report of the independent auditors, in the manner and terms provided by current legislation.


    TERNIENERGIA (TER. MI), established in September 2005 and part of the Italeaf Group, is the first Italian global technological enabler, committed to bringing energy solutions and efficient recovery of integrated and sustainable resources to the world. Organized into two strategic business lines (Assets and Smart solutions and services), with about 300 employees and a geographical presence worldwide, with operative and commercial offices, TerniEnergia develops innovative solutions, products and services based on digital and industrial technologies for the energy supply chain, grids, smart mobility, industrial automation and the recovery of marginal resources.

    TerniEnergia, also through its subsidiaries (Softeco Sismat, Greenled Industry, GreenAsm, GreenAsm, Purify, Wisave, Ant Energy), pursues the objectives of increasing energy production from renewable sources, saving energy and reducing emissions and actively participates in the energy revolution of distributed power generation and smart grids, with innovative digital solutions.

    TerniEnergia is the ideal partner for large utilities, distribution operators and network operators, energy producers, public administrations, industrial customers and investors who intend to realize large projects for the production of renewable energy, modern systems and plants with high energy efficiency, solutions for the management and maintenance of infrastructure and electrical installations.

    TerniEnergia has completed its transformation from a leader in the international photovoltaic market  into a smart energy company and technological enabler for the sustainable use of resources through a complete commercial offer of solutions, the development and supply of digital technologies and the creation of “intelligent” services and solutions aimed at public and private customers in emerging sectors.

    TerniEnergia is listed on the MTA of Borsa Italiana.

  • Press-release_TE-3Q2018-05-11-2018
14May 2014
  • Revenues of Euro 10.4 million (Euro 8.7 million at March 31, 2013)
  • EBITDA of Euro 4.6 million (Euro 1.1 million at March 31, 2013) with EBITDA margin of 44% (13.1% at March 31, 2013)
  • Net profit of Euro 0.7 million (Euro 1.6 million at March 31, 2013)
  • NFP of Euro 144.6 million (Euro 135.2 million at December 31, 2013)
  • Approved the EPC contracts, supply and sub-contract for two solar power plants in South Africa for a total of 148.5 MWp
  • Completed and connected to the grid a plant of a total capacity of 10 MWp in Upington (South Africa) for utilities of international standing
  • The Board od Directors of TerniEnergia, a company active in the renewable energy fields, energy efficiency and waste management, listed on Star Segment of Borsa Italiana, approved today the interim financial report as at March 31, 2014.Stefano Neri, President and CEO of TerniEnergia, commented as follows:

    The first quarter of 2014 results represent a snapshot of the evolutive path of the Group, with a return to revenue and margins growth, reflecting the correctness of the strategic choices in the direction of business internationalization and diversification. This confirms the important contribution generated by the performance of the assets dedicated to power generation owned by the Group, which contributes to the results of the quarter together with the good performance of environmental and O&M activities. TerniEnergia, thanks to the scenarios opened by the agreement signed with Al Hamed Group in the Gulf countries and the one signed with Free Energy for the start of the negotiation for the acquisition, looks into the prospects for the medium term with growing optimism. In particular, the Company aims to strengthen its internationalization process and to restart a growth path in Italy, especially in the dynamic sectors of smart energy and energy efficiency. Alongside the strategic opportunities that will lead to the development of a new business plan, to be defined after the desirable successful conclusion of the transaction with Free Energia and the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Lucos Alternative Energies, high visibility for the Group’s industrial activities is guaranteed by major orders at startup in South Africa and the planned construction of new environmental plants in Italy”.

    Consolidated results as at March 31, 2013

    The Net revenues amounted to Euro 10.4 million, with an increase of 19.8% compared to March 31, 2013 (Euro 8.7 million), thanks to the internationalization of the EPC PV activities, and in particular to the remarkable state of advance of the first plant built in South Africa in the area of ​​Upington and the fees paid by the customer for the business of design and other preparatory activities carried out on two industrial sized photovoltaic plants that will be built in South Africa too. Also an increase in revenues is guaranteed by the management of the photovoltaic assets (power generation) and by the business lines of environmental activities (recovery of materials and energy from marginal resources) and the Operation and maintenance activities.

    The gross operating margin (EBITDA) amounted to Euro 4.6 million (Euro 1.1 million at 31/03/2013), with an increase attributable mainly to the activity of power generation and the results of the activities of the environmental sector. The high margin includes the fees paid by the customer for the design activities and for further preparatory work carried out on the two industrial sized photovoltaic plants that will be built in South Africa. The EBITDA margin was 43.9%, with a significant improvement compared to 13.1% at March 31, 2013.

    Net operating income (EBIT ) amounted to Euro 2.8 million (Euro 0.2 million at March 31, 2013), after amortization of Euro 1.8 million (Euro 1 million in 2013), the increase of which is determined by the largest number plants held in full ownership by the Group.

    Net profit amounted to € 0.7 million, compared to Euro 1.6 million at March 31, 2013.

    The Net Financial Position amounted to Euro 144.6 million (Euro 135.2 million at 31/12/2013). The non-current net financial position is Euro 139.7 million, while the net financial position in the short amounted to EUR 4.8 million. The increase in the net financial position, partially offset by a decrease of the current financial debt, is closely related to the bond issue carried out in February 2014.

    The net equity amounted to Euro 53.6 million (Euro 53.9 million at 31/12/2013), while the Fixed Assets amounted to Euro 184.7 million (182.4 million up to 31/12/2013 1.3%), of which € 159.7 million related to tangible fixed assets. The NFP short /net equity ratio, equal to 0.09x improves appreciably and constantly, consolidated in full security area (0.34 x at 31/12/2013).



    The Board of Directors has reviewed and ratified the signing of the expression of interest for the acquisition of Free Energia SpA through a capital increase of TerniEnergia, reserved to shareholders of Free Energia, to be subscribed by the transfer of shares of Free Energia.

    The Board has also approved the signing of the EPC contracts, supply contracts and sub-contractors agreement by the South African subsidiary TerniEnergia Project (Pty.) Ltd. for the construction of two solar power plants in South Africa named Tom Burke, with a total capacity of 66 MWp, and Paleisheuwel, for a total capacity of 82.5 MWp.

    The Board of Directors also approved the amendment to the Procedure for Transactions with Related Parties, implementing Article 12 of Consob Regulation no. 17221 dated 12/03/2010 for Transactions with Related Parties, with the approval of the Committee for Transactions with Related Parties.

    The Board finally approved a framework resolution concerning the issuance of bank guarantees by the parent company Italeaf SpA in the interest of TerniEnergia SpA in favor of lenders of the Company, for a cumulative maximum expected amount in one year amounted to Euro 4 million.


    TerniEnergia has substantially finished and connected to the grid a photovoltaic plant of industrial size, for a total installed capacity of 10 MWp in Upington – South Africa, made on behalf of a third party customer, in particular for a utility of international concern and its special purpose vehicle.

    The total number of photovoltaic systems built by TerniEnergia from the beginning of its activity is equal to 273, with an aggregate capacity of approximately 284.1 MWp (34.3 MWp in full ownership  and 4.1 MWp in joint venture for the Power Generation activity). Moreover, are connected to the grid biomass plants for a total of 1.5 MWe and 2 MWt.



    April 23, 2014: The Shareholders’ meeting of TerniEnergia approved unanimously the draft financial statements and noted the presentation of the consolidated financial statements as at December 31, 2013. Shareholders’ meeting also approved the distribution of a dividend equal to Euro 0.06 per ordinary share gross with-holdings set forth by law. The dividend shall be paid on May 22, 2014 and the relevant coupon no. 5 shall be separated on May 19, 2014. The Shareholders’ Meeting has finally approved the confirmation as a non-executive director of Atty. Francesca Ricci, co-opted to the Board of Directors on October 17, 2013 in observance of the provisions introduced by Law n. 120 July 12, 2011, in matter of gender balance in the composition of the Board of Directors and the Statutory Auditors.

    April 24, 2014: TerniEnergia and Italeaf, a holding company and majority shareholder of TerniEnergia, signed a manifestation of interest for the acquisition of 100% of the share capital of Free Energia S.p.A. with the shareholders of the Company. Free Energia, a company that in 2013 had revenues of approximately Euro 100 million and that in the first quarter of 2014 and recorded a revenue growth of +100% compared to the previous financial year, as an innovative energy trader, providing energy to electricity-consumptive customers and/or consolidated re-seller but, more importantly, carrying out hedging and trading planning with innovative technologies. The structure of the transaction, if will occur the conditions for a final settlement, will consist of a capital increase of TerniEnergia, reserved to shareholders of Free Energia, to subscribe through the transfer of shares to Free Energia. There is no cash outlay. The estimated value of the transaction is approximately 15 million Euros.

    April 29, 2014: TerniEnergia has signed a joint venture agreement in Abu Dhabi for the establishment of a NewCo with Khalid Al Hamed Group LLC Dubai, represented by the Chairman and CEO Sheikh Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Hamed. In particular, TerniEnergia has signed a binding and immediately operative agreement between the parties, that provides for the establishment of a company named TerniEnergia Gulf LLC, based in Abu Dhabi, which is 51% owned by Khalid Al Hamed Group LLC and 49% by TerniEnergia, which will operate in the Middle East and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


    The current market situation is characterized by strong global growth of investments in the photovoltaic industry and the environment, but there are critical issues arising from the ventilated modification of Italian regulatory system and incentives for renewable energy sources, the quota restrictions on access to capital, the growth of the size of the plants and the consequent need for a careful and prospective view of financial management of projects.

    Because of this changing market, TerniEnergia has diversified its sources of access to capital through the bond issue, has revised its business model from which derives stability of cash flow and growth opportunities resulting from replicability, has diversified the risk country and the counterparty in B2B.

    At the same time, precisely because of the rumors of the development of legal and regulatory framework, the Company has had to deal with a delay in fund rasing for the projected closed real estate investment fund, taking the opportunity to consolidate the full ownership of the photovoltaic assets for the power generation activity, increasing its assets and maintaining a bouquet of assets, with very high margins, to be valued in the event of future opportunities resulting in a reduction of the NFP. TerniEnergia confirms, therefore, for the future, a strategy that combines the size of the business, growth and development policy of relations with capital markets and debt.

    As a result, the Company expects the following lines of development :

    • International Development – In the period 2014/2015 is planned the construction of the project in portfolio in South Africa for an amount of approximately Euro 140 million; in the short term it is planned to establish a company in partnership with Al Hamed Group, named TerniEnergia Gulf LLC, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, active in the fields of power generation, waste to energy and waste management. By 2014 it is expected to open the first sites and the construction of a plant for the recovery of end of life tires.

    • Italian Development – Strengthening in the growing sectors of smart energy and energy efficiency. In particular, the beginning of negotiations for the acquisition of Free Energia SpA allow a completion of the value chain downstream for power generation plants owned by TerniEnergia, thanks to the sales network of Free Energia. The operation, thanks to the simultaneous acquisition of 100% of Lucos Alternative Energies, already contracted for next June, will allow strong potential synergies and opportunities for the integration of the business, which will be the basis for a strong growth in energy efficiency and enhancement of energy production from renewable sources.

    • Strategic development – Focus on business lines with major development, consolidating investments without recourse to new lines of business with lower potential return and growth, where the recent development (EPC, O&M) was based. Concentration on the activity of power generation with the full technological independence and diversification of sources and technologies themselves, to enhance the opportunities for the short term and the coverage requirements of the demand curve.

    TerniEnergia intends to have a balanced portfolio for each Country in the process of internationalization of PV EPC and environmental business. In particular, continues to conduct intensive scouting activities to promote development projects in the most attractive countries for the installation of large-scale plants.

    The Company will also continue the process of strengthening the scope of the environmental asset, completing a new facility for the treatment and recovery of “secondary raw material” of life tires in Northern Italy and exploiting a new plant in South Italy for energy recovery through anaerobic biodigestion and composting. Finally, the new plant for the treatment of industrial waste fluids in Nera Montoro (TR), now in an advanced authorization phase, will be completed and will intercept a substantial demand in a market segment with high technological content and high growth prospects.

    On the financial side, TerniEnergia intends to consolidate the excellent reputation with investors through its own presence on the Stock Exchange in order to candidate itself to be an investment platform for institutional investors, creating conditions, through the stability of cash flows, using the debt in a efficient manner with respect to changes in demand of the market.

    The Officer appointed for the preparation of accounting and corporate documents, Dr. Paolo Allegretti, states, pursuant to paragraph 2 of art. 154-bis of the consolidated Financial Act, that the accounting information that is contained in this press release corresponds to the results contained in the documents, books, and accounting records.


16Jun 2014

ITALEAF: the Shareholders’ Meeting approves the listing project on NASDAQ OMX First North Stockholm

  • Approved the capital increase with exclusion of the option privilege for a maximum amount of Euro 2 million at the service of the private placement

  • Italeaf will be the first Italian company to apply for listing on the NASDAQ OMX First North in Stockholm Stock Exchange

The Shareholders’ Meeting of Italeaf, holding company and first Italian company builder active in cleantech and smart innovation sectors, met today in ordinary and extraordinary session chaired by Stefano Neri.

Ordinary Session

The Shareholders’ Meeting, in ordinary session, unanimously approved the project of listing of company’s shares on the multilateral trading facility NASDAQ OMX First North of Stockholm Stock Exchange, following a private placement transaction, pursuant to Italian Laws, in particular art. 100 letter. a) and b) of Legislative Decree 58/1998, aimed at creating the necessary floating for listing. First North is the multilateral trading facility organized and operated by NASDAQ OMX.

The transaction is inserted in the path of growth that Italeaf has followed continuously since its incorporation and is therefore aimed at:

–          Broaden the shareholder base and increase the brand awareness;

–          Increase the channels of financing to develop and expand the corporate activity and support the investments;

–          Increase the visibility at the international level, and get a full appreciation of the economic value of the company;

–          To support the company’s expansion in areas sensitive to technological innovation, not yet mature, and where there is scope for growth in the short term.

In particular, Italeaf aims to invest in innovative startups in sectors with high growth prospects and international vocation. The listing will facilitate the exit strategy for the subsidiaries, in order to generate value for the shareholders and reinvest in new projects.

Italeaf is the first Italian company to request access to the capital market operated by NASDAQ OMX Nordic, with the objective of strengthening the international development through the subsidiaries in the UK and Hong Kong, where the Group intends to develop a research applied center for the development of new products within the Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks.

Finally, through the listing, Italeaf intends to enhance its real estate property and industrial facilities through the construction of infrastructure to support the activities of the startup ecosystem (eg: the design of an eco-industrial park developed by the Politecnico di Milano University).

Italeaf is assisted by Mangold Fond Kommission AB as Certified Adviser.

The Shareholders’ Meeting also approved on the following points:

– Presentation to NASDAQ OMX’s application for admission to trading of the shares of the multilateral system named NASDAQ OMX First North.

Extraordinary Session

The Shareholders’ Meeting, in extraordinary session, approved the capital increase reserved, with exclusion of the option privilege, to a maximum of Euro 2 million aimed at creating the necessary float for listing on NASDAQ OMX First North. The new shares for the listing will be reserved for investors in Italy and abroad (excluding the United States of America, Canada, Japan and Australia) and other selected investors, but still falling within one of the exemptions provided for by Italian Laws, in particular Art. 100 of the TUF letter. a) and b) of Legislative Decree 58/1998.

Following this transaction, Italeaf will reach the requirements for admission on NASDAQ OMX First North, and in particular at least 100 shareholders with liquidity provider and at least 10% of share capital in public hands.


23Jun 2014

Logo Italeaf

Italeaf is pleased to invite you to the presentation of the event:

“Project for listing on NASDAQ OMX First North Stockholm”


June 26, 2014 – 11.30 am

@ Eataly, Teatro Smeraldo, Sala Congressi

Piazza 25 Aprile, 10, 20121 Milano



Stefano Neri, Founder of Italeaf

Monica Federici, CEO of Italeaf


With the participation of:

Adam Kostyál, Senior VP NASDAQ OMX Stockholm

The participation is permitted after registering
RSVP: IR Top Consulting – Tel +39 02.4547.3884 – Email: ir@irtop.com

June 26, Invite