The shareholders are hereby summoned at the ordinary and extraordinary Annual General Meeting of Italeaf S.p.A. (hereinafter “the Company”) to be held on May 2, 2017, at 11 a.m. (CET), at the Company’s registered office in Strada dello Stabilimento 1, Frazione Nera Montoro, Municipality of di Narni (TR) Italy, to discuss and resolve upon the following:




1) Approval of the annual financial statement relating close at 12/31/2016, presentation of the Board of Directors report, Statutory auditors report, and external auditors; relating and consequent resolutions. Presentation of the annual consolidated financial statements closed at 12/31/2016.

2) Granting of the mandate to the external auditors and determination of their remuneration; relating and consequent resolutions;

3) Ratification of the appointment by the Board of Directors of one Director pursuant art. 2386 of the Italian Civil Code and determination of the total remuneration for the Board of Directors; relating and consequent resolutions.

4) resolutions relating to the Board of Statutory Auditors.




Increase of capital, against payment, with of exclusion of options right pursuant to art. 2441 par. 5 of the Italian Civil Code, in divisible form, with issuance of a maximum of 2,499,000 of ordinary shares and for a maximum amount of Euro 2,499,000, relating and consequent resolutions.

Information relating to:

  • participation and voting of the Shareholders’ meeting (it is specified that the record date is April 26, 2017);
  • vote by proxy;
  • documents submitted to the Shareholders’ meeting;

are contained in the general notice to convene, the fact of which – together with the documentation relating to the Shareholders’ meeting – are published on the company’s website under the investor relations section, to which reference is made.