• The new environmental asset put into service in Umbria, in the eco-industrial park of Nera Montoro (TR) and is authorized to treat 438,000 cubic meters per year of groundwater and 58,000 tons per year of liquid waste.
  • Plant owned by Purify Srl, a JV between algoWatt and ATP Project & Constructions, Total investment of approximately Euro 9 million


Italeaf SpA, holding company and first Italian company builder active in the cleantech and smart innovation sectors, listed on the NASDAQ First North Growth Market of the Stockholm Stock Exchange, announces that the subsidiary algoWatt, GreenTech Solutions company listed on Borsa Italiana’s electronic stock exchange (MTA) announces that, today has put into operation the plant Purify, a JV between algoWatt and ATP Project and Constructions Srl, owner of industrial fluid waste treatment and groundwater remediation plants in Nera Montoro (TR), Umbria.

The start-up of the platform, which involved a total investment of approximately Euro 9 million, confirms the goal of algoWatt aimed at enhancing the asset management of marginal resource recovery plants, also through the consolidation of partnerships with leading Italian and international investors in the green and circular economy sector, as envisaged in the Group’s Recovery and Relaunch Plan.

AlgoWatt‘s Chairman and CEO, Stefano Neri, said:

We put into operation an innovative plant, projected and started before the merger between TerniEnergia and Softeco, which originated algoWatt, in line with the industrial targets we had set ourselves. The commissioning of the plant completes the equipment of the green industry factory in Nera Montoro (TR) Umbria, which represents an integrated platform (liquid waste, biodigestion and composting of FORSU, treatment of end-of-life tyres) with economic-financial and strategic value. It is, in fact, an industrial area dedicated to the environmental industry, barycentric with respect to the Italian market for the recovery of resources and characterized by a strong appeal for players specializing in green and circular economy“.

The Executive Director of ATP Srl, Pierluigi Ruopoli, said:

Our partnership in the construction and subsequent management phase of a complex and articulated plant such as that of Nera Montoro, represents an important opportunity, especially in the field of enhancement and refinement of our skills. The relationship with algoWatt will allow us to introduce very relevant digital and technological innovations in plant management and to offer to the liquid waste treatment market a platform focused on environmental sustainability and operational efficiency“.

The Purify plant

The new plant platform, authorized by the Umbria Region, integrates two different treatment lines:

  • Groundwater remediation (TAF). Purify manages the groundwater treatment, in compliance with the regional requirements of the remediation project of the Nera Montoro site, in the province of Terni, for a total capacity of 438,000 cubic meters per year. The revamping involved the chemical-physical and biological plants, a complex system consisting of 48 wells for the drainage of treated water and a monitoring system consisting of 95 piezometers placed to control the water table of the Nera Montoro industrial site, for a total treatment of 50m3/h.
  • Treatment of industrial liquid waste (TRL). This is the new section dedicated to the treatment of liquid waste with a capacity of 58,000 t/year that includes two process lines: (a) biological treatment with activated sludge for the removal of nitrites, nitrates and ammoniacal nitrogen; and (b) chemical-physical treatment by flotation or evaporation, with two three-stage vacuum evaporators (2,500 litres/hour each) for the purification of water with the highest concentration of pollutants.

The competitive environment

The Purify plant platform operates in an area with high demand for the treatment of industrial liquid waste. Addressing a supra-regional context, it can provide the ideal answer for those companies that place the enhancement and correct treatment of environmental resources as a target of their activities. As regards Umbria alone – a region where no similar treatment plant exists – an analysis of the companies’ MUDs shows that demand for liquid waste treatment exceeds twice the authorised capacity of Purify. The plants operating in the neighbouring regions of Lazio, Tuscany, Marche and Abruzzo are not equipped with all the process lines of the Purify platform. The catchment area, also in consideration of the proximity of the highway exit, can extend up to a distance of 300-400 km, especially towards the south, filling a substantial plant gap in this sector of central-southern Italy. 

The revamping of the TAF plant, on the other hand, makes it possible to adjust the regulations for the reclamation of groundwater, making a significant contribution to the safety of a historic industrial area in Central Italy, previously owned by the Eni Group.

Inauguration with web conference

The plant will be inaugurated today with a web conference scheduled at 11 am CET entitled: “Circular Economy and Reclamation: an opportunity for growth in the context of the Green New Deal“, with the participation, among others, of the Undersecretary for the Environment, Roberto Morassut. To participate: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Zzw5W_eYR6qE-4axWd9qQQ

27Jun 2014

Italeaf, holding company and first Italian company builder active in cleantech and smart innovation sectors, presented to investors and press the planned flotation of shares on the MTF NASDAQ OMX First North in Stockholm Stock Exchange, after a private placement operation. There is an ongoing capital increase reserved for a maximum of 800,000 shares for a total of 2 million Euros, which will bring the total share capital to 17 million.

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28Jun 2014
  • Placement value of 2.5 euro per share
  • Stefano Neri (Chairman): “Our Group will operate worldwide to promote Made in Italy technology and innovation”
  • The company admitted to the “Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks”
  • The Vice President of NASDAQ OMX Nordic, Adam Kostyàl, announced agreements with Italian banks for the implementation of online  trading platforms

Italeaf, holding company and first Italian company builder active in cleantech and smart innovation sectors, presented to investors and press the planned flotation of shares on the MTF NASDAQ OMX First North in Stockholm Stock Exchange, after a private placement operation. There is an ongoing capital increase reserved for a maximum of 800,000 shares for a total of 2 million Euros, which will bring the total share capital to 17 million.

“Italeaf, by the summer, will be of the first Italian company listed on the Swedish market – said the Chairman, Mr Stefano Neri – Our choice is made for a number of reasons: first of all, for the sensitivity of Nordic investors for clean technologies, innovation and social responsibility. And then for the steady growth of interest in Nasdaq OMX, a market that is catalyzing attention for the rapid growth in Europe, but not yet fully appreciated in Italy. Finally, to avoid overlap between Italeaf and TerniEnergia, which already operates in the Star segment of Borsa Italiana, owned by LSE. The shareholders’ meeting decided on the placement price, that will be 2.5 euro per share. Ourhe goal is to continue to create value, broad the shareholder base and increase the brand awareness. Italeaf wants to to represent an attractive factor for new businesses and startups in the areas of high innovation, technology and reducement of environmental impact”.

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02Jul 2014

• Planned important synergies in the fast growing energy efficiency and smart energy industry

• The transaction price amounted approximately to Euro 1,952 million entirely financed by cash

 TerniEnergia SpA, a company active in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management, which is listed on the Star segment of Borsa Italiana, as part of its strategy of strengthening in the areas of smart energy and energy efficiency, has exercised the call option granted by the present shareholders[1]by the agreements entered into on August 10, 2011, completing the acquisition of the remaining 30% of the sharecapital  of Lucos Alternative Energies ESCO UNI CEI 11352 certified.

“The transaction – said Stefano Neri, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TerniEnergia – is a part of the company strategy aimed to support, alongside the international development in the photovoltaic industry, a new stage of expansion in sectors with high growth potential, such as industrial scale smart energy and energy efficiency. Alongside the acquisition of 100% of Lucos Alternative Energies, in fact, TerniEnergia continues negotiations for the acquisition of Free Energia SpA, which in the intention of the Group will allow for completion of the downstream value chain of power generation plants owned by the company. Thanks to the sales network of the same Free Energia, TerniEnergia’s power generation assets and the ESCO activities performed by Lucos, we are confident to perform strong potential synergies and opportunities for the integration of the business, which will be the basis for a growth in industrial activity in this area and for the enhancement of the energy production from renewable sources”.

The price for the transaction is equal to Euro 1,952 million entirely financed by cash.

[1]Lamse SpA, Lofin Srl, Angelo Casolaro, Andrea Marano e Raffaele Maria Mellone


09Jul 2014
  • Total revenues expected to total 4.1 million euros for the delivery up to 15.00 tons/year in Nera Montoro (TR) plant
  • Confirmed the investment for the construction of the second treatment plant in northern Italy PFU

TerniEnergia SpA, a company active in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management, which is listed on the Star segment of Borsa Italiana, won the national tender organized by Ecopneus scpa, the no-profit company for the tracking, collection, treatment and final destination of End of Life Tires (ELT) created by the major tire manufacturers operating in Italy, for ” granulation/crushing activities of ELTs (ERC 160 103) for the period 2015-2017”.

This is an important recognition of the Company’s leadership in the field of environmental business and economic activity in the field of the recovery and recycling of materials – said Stefano Neri, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TerniEnergia –. It is even more remarkable that this acknowledgement comes from Ecopneus, a positive example of how is possibile to integrate the requirements of environmental protection and sustainability with the creation of economic value and employment. TerniEnergia confirms its intention to continue the process of strengthening the scope of the environmental assets, completing a new plant for the treatment and recovery of “secondary raw material” of end life tires (ELT) in Northern Italy. The implementation of the second plant will allow us to double the treatment capacity and to achieve a market share of approximately 20% of the national market“.

TerniEnergia can receive in Nera Montoro (TR) plant up to a total of 15,000 tons of PFU delivered only by Ecopneus for a three-year aggregate revenues of Euro 4.1 million. The Nera Montoro PFU treatment plant has a capacity of about 20,000 tons/year and receives materials for crushing and recovery of secondary raw materials (granulate and crumb rubber and wire steel) by other consortia collectors and private operators .

In 2013, Ecopneus avoided emissions by 347 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent through the use of recycled rubber in place of virgin rubber, 3.2 billion kWh of energy saved; 1.3 million m3 of water consumed in the production cycle of virgin rubber, steel and other components of the tire.


15Jul 2014

ATC Servizi and Skyrobotic: signed an agreement for experimental and educational activities on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)

Terni airport identified as an excellence center for the development of drones in civil and commercial sectors

ATC SERVIZI, a company wholly public that operates in complementary services related to mobility and manages through an “in house” service agreement the development plan of the “A. Leonardi” airfield in Terni (Italy), and Skyrobotic, an italian company based in Terni, active in the development, mass production and commercialization of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), part of Italeaf group, have signed an agreement for the use of logistic services and assistance to the flight of the operating area and air space “protected” (Notam) of the Terni airfield for experimental activities and training on the mini and micro drones for domestic and commercial use, in accordance with recent ENAC Regulations “means Aircraft Steering Remote “.

In particular, Skyrobotic is going to carry out at the airfield of Maratta, in Terni, experimental activities for research and development in order to obtain approval of unmanned aircraft systems products, training and enabling the use of drones with theoretical courses pertaining to the “Rules of the Air” (Civil Aviation Authority regulations) and operational training courses and programs with applications relating to specific job functions related to the use of UAS and drones, or photogrammetry, video inspections, etc..

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31Jul 2014
  • The subsidiary TerniEnergia Projects PTY Ltd will carry out the activities of the EPC with supply of panels and inverters and the O&M for € 147 million
  • The effectiveness of the contracts is subject to financial closing between the final customer and the South African Government
  • Updated the schedule of construction and consequently requested the access to the italian institution of Ordinary Earnings Supplement Fund for the human resources
  • Update of Corporate Events Calendar, 2014: on August 7 the board of directors will be held for approval of the Half-yearly financial report as of 30/06/2014

TerniEnergia, a company active in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management, listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange, as part of the process of internationalization of photovoltaic EPC business, has signed two definitive agreements for the EPC (engineering, procurement and construiction) and O&M (operation and maintenance) activities with a primary European utility for the construction in South Africa of two industrial size PV plants for the total power capacity of 148.5 MWp.

In particular, the contracts following the framework agreements communicated to the market on October 31, 2013, and concern the installation by TerniEnergia Projects PTY Ltd, a South African subsidiary of TerniEnergia, of two photovoltaic plants with “EPC Contract” (turnkey) with the supply of panels and inverters, respectively, in  Paleisheuwel for an installed capacity of 82.5 MW and in Tom Burke for 66 MW, for a total consideration of approximately ZAR 2 billion, corresponding to the current exchange rate to approximately Euro 147 million.

The effectiveness of the two contracts is subject to the signing of the financial closing between the final customer company and the South African Government (Department of Energy). Because of this circumstance, the time schedule of the start of construction sites, previously announced opening within the month of August, 2014, is deferred to the date of the agreement that will be determined by the South African authorities. TerniEnergia, therefore, has taken immediate steps for the human resources management, requesting access to the italian institution of Ordinary Earnings Supplement Fund.

Pursuant to art. 2.6.2 of the Rules of Borsa Italian SpA, TerniEnergia announced that, in addition to what is stated in the Calendar of Corporate Events 2014 released last February 6, the Board of Directors for approval of the Half-yearly financial report as of 30/06/2014 will be held on August 7, 2014.