Industrial and R&D Estate

Italeaf Group,

owns and manages an impressive industrial facility in Nera Montoro (Italy, few kilometers form Rome). In total area of 24 ha of which 2,3 ha are covered and well equipped laboratories and offices things happens moving form researches to the creation of profitable businesses. We overtook an old chemical industrial estate and, thanks to the cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Milan, we redeveloped it into an “Eco-Industrial Park” that is now hosting, together with our offices and R&D divisions, renewable energies and waste management facilities.

Main Industrial Park Characteristics:

  • Eco/Hi-tech Industrial Estate (offices, meeting-rooms, laboratories, etc.)
  • Global Security Center
  • Water Remediation Treatment Plant
  • Advanced LED Light Production
  • Tires Recycle Plant
  • Bio-digester and composting plant (providing energy and heating to the adjacent city)
  • Metal powder for 3D printing production plant

Infrastructure and Logistic

  • 5 kilometers from the main national highway (Orte)
  • Walking distance from the local railway station (Nera Montoro)
  • Internal Railway Link for goods transportation
  • 7000 m3 of storage capability (expandable to 20,000 m3)