Skyrobotic, an italian company based in Terni, active in the project, development, mass production and commercialization of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the small and micro sector for civil aand commercial use, part of Italeaf group, is proud to announce that it has been named “Best European Enterprise for Innovation and Leadership in the field of civil drones” within the prestigious “Iair Awards 2014 – European Edition” presented to the executive directors Mr Michele Feroli and Mr Federico Zacaglioni in Milan, in the enchanting surroundings of Palazzo Mezzanotte, headquarter of the Italian Stock Exchange.

There were more than 40 companies that attended the ceremony in wich Skyrobotic was awarded, coming from Europe and overseas. Among them: Philips, Subaru, BPC, Veeam Software, Deutsche Bank, Power Japan Plus, Eurasian Bank, B2X Care Solutions and Thomas Piketty as Most Influential Man of the Year.

The Iair Corporate Award 2014 was awarded to the Italian UAS industrial producer for the following reasons: “For being  the first Italian factory of unmanned aircraft systems, and the undisputed leadership in the field of civil drones for commercial use: for taking care of the whole industrial chain, from design to integration of the system to  the turn-key production of a range of products that are suitable to cover both the needs of companies and skilled operators“.

The Chairman of Skyrobotic and Italeaf Group, Mr Stefano Neri, stated:

For a start-up with high innovation skills and know how that wants to grow rapidly in the market of drones for civil use, as Skyrobotic, to obtain a recognition of such prestige within months of its constitution, is a matter of great pride that involves our industrial group. The Iair Corporate Award is a further stimulus to continue in the path of growth of the company, which intends to appear soon in the international arena with a Made in Italy high-tech and innovative proposal. The Italeaf Group confirms its commitment to build an industrial chain in the drones sector, creating value for our shareholders and at the same time bringing a major contribution to the Italian national system, intercepting the growth opportunities and strategic vision in a sector such as aerial systems remotely piloted with plenty of opportunities for growth in the coming years“.

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Skyrobotic Srl, with a share capital of 1.03 million Euros, is the Italian company leader in the field of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Established in December 2013, and parte of the Italeaf group, is active in the development, manufacturing and marketing of drones in mini and micro classes for the civil and commercial use in the professional market. With a constant focus on innovation, the company intends to achieve the leadership in the field of unmanned aircraft, taking care of the whole industrial chain, from design to system integration, right through to production turnkey platform robust, practical and effective in the field of remote sensing proximity. Skyrobotic combines the know-how and decades of experience in the field of Siralab Robotics, a company with high technological content, and the track record, operational experience and financial capacity of Italeaf, group leader in the fields of cleantech and innovative industry listed on the First North segment of NASDAQ OMX in Stockholm Stock Exchange.

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