ATC Servizi and Skyrobotic: signed an agreement for experimental and educational activities on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)

Terni airport identified as an excellence center for the development of drones in civil and commercial sectors

ATC SERVIZI, a company wholly public that operates in complementary services related to mobility and manages through an “in house” service agreement the development plan of the “A. Leonardi” airfield in Terni (Italy), and Skyrobotic, an italian company based in Terni, active in the development, mass production and commercialization of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), part of Italeaf group, have signed an agreement for the use of logistic services and assistance to the flight of the operating area and air space “protected” (Notam) of the Terni airfield for experimental activities and training on the mini and micro drones for domestic and commercial use, in accordance with recent ENAC Regulations “means Aircraft Steering Remote “.

In particular, Skyrobotic is going to carry out at the airfield of Maratta, in Terni, experimental activities for research and development in order to obtain approval of unmanned aircraft systems products, training and enabling the use of drones with theoretical courses pertaining to the “Rules of the Air” (Civil Aviation Authority regulations) and operational training courses and programs with applications relating to specific job functions related to the use of UAS and drones, or photogrammetry, video inspections, etc..

Through this agreement, ATC SERVIZI SpA and Skyrobotic realized an innovative partnership in Italy with regard to the services for the sector in major expansion of unmanned aircraft, commonly known as drones, characterized by the absence of a crew onboard the flight which is governed by different types of flight control system, managed remotely by pilots on the ground.

Sergio Sbarzella, chairman of ATC SERVIZI, stated as follow: “We are very satisfied and proud, as ATC SERVIZI Spa and as Board of Directors, that the airport in Terni has been recognized and preferred to other realities for quality and reliability by Skyrobotic, a company among the most reliable in Italy and in Europe for the design, testing and production of unmanned aircraft systems. We can cooperate for the management of specialized aerial work operations technologically advanced. This partnership, in the form of integrated collaboration, confirming the role of our infrastructure in the large area of central Italy, and the skills of our airfield to support the development of the local productive activities and industries”.

Federico Zacaglioni, Managing Director of Skyrobotic, said: “The agreement with ATC SERVIZI is an important added value to the industrial activity of Skyrobotic, wich is starting the process of certification of its products and the its production organization at ENAC, with the goal of become the leading industrial company in the UAS italian the sector. The possibility to carry out experimental work in a highly specialized structure like the Terni airport, will ensure the highest standards of reliability, safety and quality of our activities of qualification and approval for the drones produced by Skyrobotic. We believe we can contribute also to the construction of a major regional value-chain in thiws industry with the launch of a specialist training for pilots and operators, with important potential implications for employment”.

Under the agreement, ATC SERVIZI will make available to Skyrobotic some services and the operational area of the Terni airport in the opening hours and days from Monday to Friday, within the limits and conditions laid down by the Code of Practice in force and in compliance with the rules concerning the management of air traffic and possible use of airspace protected (NOTAM), in agreement and in coordination with the Operations Manager.

ATC Services will also provide the meeting room, for the training courses based on specific program authorized by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority, aimed at aspiring UAS pilots, and administered by instructors with the requirements of the Regulations, or refer to an aviation agency certified ATO.