• Provision of TeleBus service in Krakow for local public service operator MTK completed and operational
  • Successful on-demand collective transport management service
  • algoWatt will also manage full service support and operational maintenance for a period of 24 months

algoWatt, a GreenTech Company listed on the Euronext Milan market of Borsa Italiana, has completed the project for the supply of the technological solution for the management of the Tele-Bus DRT service operated by Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne Spółka Akcyjna (MPK S.A.), a public transport operator based in Krakow (POL). Since last October, algoWatt has also been providing MPK with full service support and operational maintenance for a period of 24 months.

The new service was launched by MPK in recent months and has seen a significant increase in the number of passengers carried, meeting the strong demand for more sustainable and efficient mobility solutions. Based on the myMaaS PersonalBus product, algoWatt’s proprietary platform for the management of on-demand collective transport, the Tele-Bus solution was created to support the operational management of the entire production cycle of the DRT service operated by MPK in some districts of the peri-urban area of Krakow. The platform is the basis for the great success of the service in its first months of operation, thanks to the significant increase in accessibility and interconnection to the entire transport system for residents in the served areas. Users can access the service through a dedicated call centre and, above all, through the digital channels offered by the myMaaS PersonalBus solution, consisting of an App and a web service for booking rides, information about the service and timely notification of the bus’s arrival at the stop booked by the user.

myMaaS PersonalBus is the solution offered by algoWatt for the management of on-demand services in various areas of mobility, from demand responsive transport in areas of weak demand, to transport services for users with reduced mobility, to home-school and home-work mobility, to supplementary services and interconnection with other components of the transport system.

Developed over the years by algoWatt and continually updated with the latest technologies, it now boasts a vast installed base, with over 60 services managed in a variety of areas, from large metropolitan areas to medium-sized urban centres, small towns and historical centres, peri-urban areas and rural areas.

MPK is one of the largest public transport operators in Poland, and the selection of the solution implemented by algoWatt once again demonstrates the company’s leadership in the field of flexible mobility, providing a solid reference for foreign market development.