Monthly Archives: May 2015

The Board of Directors approved the results as at 31 March, 2015. EBT equal to Euro 1 million, Net profit equal to Euro 0,7 million. Investment in startups for Euro 0,4 million Revenues amounted to € 0,8 million (€ 70 for the Italeaf Group consolidated) EBITDA equal to € -0,2 million (€ 6,2 million for […]

Following the the press release dated last February 27, TerniEnergia informs that on May 14, 2015 was signed the act of merger by incorporation in TerniEnergia Spa of Lucos Alternative Energies Spa. The strategic traget of the transaction is to enhaance the business development in the energy efficiency field, through the dedicated business line “energy […]

Revenues of Euro 68.6 million (Euro 10.4 million as at 31/03/2014) EBITDA amounted to Euro 5.2 million, +13.7% (Euro 4.6 million as at 31/03/2014), with EBITDA margin at 7.6% EBIT amounted to Euro 3.8 million, + 37% (Euro 2.8 million as at 31/03/2014) Net profit amounted to Euro 1.2 million, +76% (Euro 0.7 million as […]

Net asset value (NAV) amounted to Euro 41 million at 31 March 2015 (Euro 36.3 million at December 31, 2014; + 13%) The plan includes: corporate governance strengthening, starting relevant synergies for the scouting of the best startup and industrial initiatives, diversification of the sectors for direct investements in technological areas related to cleantech, full […]