Greenled Industry Street Lighting

GreenLed Street Application LED Lighting. Appliances are characterized by high luminous efficiency and suitable to achieve Energy Efficiency Certificates.

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Our technological solutions guarantee a high quality light and an efficient distribution of the luminous flux.

The replacement of the old lighting (retrofitting) is simple and quick thanks to mechanical technologies, easy installation, different luminous flux configurations and photo-metric curves. The electro-optic components and the LED lighting type have been optimized to reduce the maintenance costs.

The luminaries are designed to fit various shapes of street furniture: streets and roads, mixed traffic roads, parking, roundabouts and industrial areas. High luminous efficiency (80-135 lm/W) are guaranteed to reduce the high energy consumption that are typical of street lighting installations.

Remote Control

The luminaries are equipped with remote control; in addition, a light flux control is originally integrated in the remote control system. On customer demand, a communication system among lighting appliances is provided; this system is made by using the new wireless ZigBee technology. This technology is based on a radio link at 2,4 GHz ISM band, so that all the related wiring issues can be ride out; ZigBee allows to lower the installation costs and guarantees better performance of the luminaries.


The luminaries are manufactured with the use of first choice components like high efficiency lenses and the best LEDs available on the world market like CREE Inc, XM-L2 T5-260. According to the CREE specifications, the LEDs have the highest maximum drive current, the highest luminous efficiency, the lowest junction-case thermal resistance (2,5°C/W), and a performing color rendering (CRI / IRC / Ra ≥ 75).
The LEDs are compliant with the CEI EN 62471 standard, Photo-biological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems.


LEDIL lenses are being used. The lenses are manufactured in PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) and they are compliant with UL 746C (Standard for Safety of Polymeric Materials – Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations) so that they can be used for outdoor use as they are UV light resistant and waterproof.

Typical features of PMMA are: high mechanical resistance, surface hardening, abrasion resistance and high light transmission, very good resistance to atmospheric agents; this ensures that the lenses are highly performing (efficiency > 92%) and have a long-lasting lifetime.

According to requested configurations, “high bay” lenses are being used to light up every environments in the best way. These lenses are designed for being used with luminaries at high mounting heights and to lighten up large areas.

Power Supply Appliances

Power supply unit has been designed exclusively to supply LED – both indoor and outdoor use. Designed in Class II, the unit does not require a safety connection to electrical ground and it grants more than 150,000 hours of lifetime. Moreover, power supply appliances are equipped with two independent circuit breakers that ensure protection from damages caused by short circuit and overload; these devices avoid damages and make the appliance work again when technical faults are being removed.


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