Remediation & Decommissioning

TerniEnergia is active in the field of soil reclamation and decommissioning of industrial sites.

The company is active in the sector of recovery and marketing of secondary raw materials resulting from decontamination and decommissioning of industrial sites (activity started on August 2010) and the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from demolition. The industrial target is 9,000 tons / year of stainless steels.

TerniEnergia aims to enhance the availability of a high storage capacity at the site of Nera Montoro (approximately 7,000 cubic meters of capacity) expandable to 20,000 cubic meters with a small investment. TerniEnergia can also use the availability of a railway junction at the site of Nera Montoro and its proximity to the A1 motorway at Orte (for subsequent sorting / distribution of rubber in south-central Italy) for an activity with low emissions.

TerniEnergia conducted an intensive land reclamation campaign of the industrial site of Nera Montoro, according to the provisions of the Umbria Region, which provided a work of pre-characterization of the soil to be reclaimed and the decortication and re-covering of internal roads (paved areas ) and several industrial areas.

TerniEnergia completed, in particular, the execution of works of land reclamation of the industrial site of Nera Montoro of 27 hectares, on behalf of Italeaf SpA, pursuant to Executive Determination of the Umbria Region n. 2681 of 20 April 2011. In particular, works have been divided into a total of 5 lots and refer to the works of pre-characterization of the soils to be removed, removal of contaminated portions, disposal and recycling, covering areas with suitable and certified topsoil, restoration of asphalt and / or concrete’ covering, construction of new asphalt flooring.

We can offer a very comprehensive rage of services and solutions in this filed is; main information are available on the dedicated website or required by email