About Us

Italeaf Group imagined,

planed and concretely realizes a unique “factory of factories” development and investment model that now is being replicates internationally. Group’s main activities are in clean-tech field and innovative industry where Italeaf identificates, selects and support industrial projects.

Our goal is simple: Invest in the very best companies and help them reach the next level. We do that by providing capital, connections, community, and delivering on our promises

How we do it:

Researching and Developing in clean-tech and hi-tech field is well printed in the DNA of our group. Form 2004 till now we started form ideas or dreams building companies that through longer or shorter path now are real industries bring profits and satisfactions to those people that start thinking and dreaming inside a university’s class or on a boring working desk.

Investing directly in promising high grow initiative is our job. Every year we screen several proposals, startups or business projects into which inject relevant economical resources. In such a case we generally overtake a significant part of the shares of the company or newco that integrates with our group. Such a combination itself generate impressive mutual returns.

Incubating new activates and initiatives inside world-class infrastructures and facilities is one of our distinguishing features. Counting on a self-own industrial park in Italy (Nera Montoro- few kilometers form Roma) we can provide cut-of-the-edge, laboratories, R&D offices and any kind of technical assistance to our partners, to any corporate or research entity seeking for them.

Supporting companies, businesses and initiatives and research is our reason of existence. Based on our strong expertise and adequate track record in connected field we serve can partners and third parties with a wide range of corporate services (mentoring, legal assistance, tax planning, auditing, accounting services, etc.). It naturally happens that we find teams to provide seeding capital to in the pool of companies that choose us as their “supporter”.