Share information


The Company’s Shares are denominated in Euro (EUR) and have been issued according to Italian law.
The Company has one series of Shares and all Shares are paid-up and of the same class and have equal rights. Each Share entitles one vote at a general meeting, equal right to distribution of dividends and a possible surplus in case of liquidation.
An amendment of the shareholders voting right or right to the Company’s profits require an amendment of the articles of association, which requires an extraordinary resolution at a general meeting.
The Shares in Italeaf are registered in Monte Titoli’s central securities depository in Italy. The Shares will be deposited to Eminova, who will act as a depository bank. Eminova will in turn issue Swedish Depository Receipts (SDRs) representing the Shares and the SDRs will be registered in Euroclear Sweden’s central securities depository. Both the Share certificates and the SDRs are dematerialized. The ISIN code for the Shares in Italeaf is IT0005028672 and the ISIN code for the SDRs is SE0006143103.
Italeaf Shares are without par value. Italeaf has applied for the Shares, represented by SDRs, to be admitted to trading on NASDAQ OMX First North. All tradings will be done in EUR.


First North is an alternative market, operated by the different exchanges within NASDAQ OMX. It does not have the legal status as an EUregulated market.

Companies at First North are subject to the rules of First North and not the legal requirements for admission to trading on a regulated market. The risk in such an investment may be higher than on the main market.
All companies with shares traded on First North have a Certified Adviser who monitors that the rules are followed. The Exchange approves the application for admission to trading on First North.