Company Builder

Once upon a time,

Italeaf Group was a startup in innovative field willing to become something more than an ex-university demo exercise or a dusty prototype on a shelf. One leader and few peoples sharing the same passion for applied research started together working on ideas and faced soon all the problems that innovative startups are still facing nowadays. Lack of capital, business strategies preparation, weak sales power, low vision over competitors and market etc. etc.

We did work it out and now we are one most solid and liquid companies with stable assets, regular granted income investing and fast growing, generally considered high risk, initiatives. Nowadays we also have an impressive track record of successful businesses and investment that proof our capability to optimize efforts and contributions over new technologies and strategies.

We select or create new initiatives in clean-tech and innovative industrial sectors. We offer them an integrated approach that put together services, mentoring, expertise, instruments, and facilities, everything aimed to boost the industrialization of what was just an idea. We provide initial capital and corporate assistance to launch our startups making them grow up to consistent businesses generating revenue and sharing profits We operate as seeding incubator providing seeding investment with the target to build an high skilled companies network that can be extremely competitive into nowadays market.

Inside our Industrial incubator in the industrial are of Terni, in Italy, several companies were born and are growing cooperation with each-other while sharing services and experiences.