Holding Activity

To finalize our research initiatives,

usually we create or acquire project companies that, owned by us, lives their own corporate life. We provided all these sister/spin-off companies with centralized corporate and technical services all this works like a booster to their development optimizing the use of capital invested but also it gives us the chance to keep significant “on going” control of our investment portfolio.

Group membership creates a very competitive advantage for the company owned while Italeaf takes the best opportunities to disclose and maximize the value of businesses at expansion stage with a tailor-made strategy of portfolio management. Investing in high grow potential startups is balanced by Terni Energia stable and granted cash-flow generation that not only mitigate or but substantially reduce risk factors for investors.

The group has stayed competitive from its birth, not because we are perfect, but because we make changes. Changes are all about getting better, being better, doing better; this is why Italeaf people get up everyday. Italeaf technology and people power, build and cure the world. Investors can expect us to listen, learn, adapt and change… expect us to get better every day, to make changes.