• Developed with the contribution of the internal R&D department two systems based on artificial intelligence for the optimization of production flows and predictive modelling of landfills
  • The two automated systems were implemented in a biodigester treatment plant in Umbria and in the Monte Scarpino (GE) landfill

Italeaf SpA, holding company and first Italian company builder active in the cleantech and smart innovation sectors, listed on the NASDAQ First North Growth Market of the Stockholm Stock Exchange, announces that the subsidiary algoWatt, GreenTech Solutions company listed on Borsa Italiana’s electronic stock exchange (MTA), has completed the in-house design and development of innovative software solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive models applied to the management of waste management and smart environmental plants, which will be marketed under the umbrella brand “AI Green“.

The new AI system for the management of biodigesters, both for organic fraction of waste treatment and for agricultural-zootechnical biomass fed and called AI Green Digesto, has been developed using the data and production parameters of a plant in operation at Nera Montoro (TR) in Umbria. The AI Green Digesto system of algoWatt is a decision support tool for the plant operator, to make decisions with high efficiency content and with the awareness of the final effect, thanks to simulations and scenarios developed by cognitive computing and machine learning solutions.

The AI Green Dump solution has been developed for landfill monitoring by acquisition of chemical and physical parameters, both in real time and from external sources (laboratory analysis, ARPA reports), for predictive leachate modeling downstream of hydrological and weather stress in landfills. As far as the weather is concerned, the system acquires the alert levels issued by CMIR ARPAL.

The innovative artificial intelligence solution has been adopted in the Monte Scarpino landfill (Genoa, the highest in Italy). The solution allows the plant’s security systems to be activated 72 hours in advance to minimize environmental risks. Moreover, thanks to the machine learning systems, AiGreen Dump is able to improve the prediction of operational scenarios and plant management through the analysis and processing of historical data.

In the last 2 years we have completed the transformation of algoWatt into a greentech company that offers solutions for the management of energy and natural resources, with constant attention to investments in research and development – says the Chairman and CEO of algoWatt, Stefano NeriThe systems implemented in waste treatment plants in Umbria and Liguria have produced two successful cases, which show how artificial intelligence systems make an important technological contribution to better manage operational efficiency and reduce environmental risk, preserving the territory from potential contamination. Thanks to these systems, algoWatt is able to offer the public and private sectors innovative and cutting-edge platforms that are fully eco-sustainable”.