Following the the press release dated last February 27, TerniEnergia informs that on May 14, 2015 was signed the act of merger by incorporation in TerniEnergia Spa of Lucos Alternative Energies Spa.

The strategic traget of the transaction is to enhaance the business development in the energy efficiency field, through the dedicated business line “energy saving”. In particular, the Merger will result in a shortening of the company’s control chain that will allow a better financial management of energy efficiency, a better coordination of industrial energy saving activity, the achievement of production and financial synergies and the fullfilment of significant savings in operating and managing fixed costs.

The legal effects of the Merger shall be effective from the date of signing of the act, however completed the filing of at the relevant Companies Register, while the accounting and tax effects shall be effective from the January 1, 2015.

Press Release_TE-2015-05-15